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San Bernardino, CA's violence has to end!

Barbara Boxer's commitment to stopping San Bernardino, CA's violence

Senator Barbara Boxer of California (shown left) assumed the task of introducing Mynisha's Law to the U.S. Congress in April of 2006.  When enacted, Mynisha's Law will become a law nationwide.  Although Mynisha's Law has not yet become a nationwide law, the U.S. Senate did pass Mynisha's Law on September 21st, 2007 as part of an anti-gang law.

The week of September 27th, 2010 Senator Boxer reintroduced her Violence Against Children Act.  Ms. Boxer's Violence Against Children Children Act includes elements of Mynisha's Law and a new provision to monitor parolees convicted of crimes against children.

When Barbara Boxer's Violence Against Children Act is enacted, Mynisha's Law would allow San Bernardino (CA) and other areas with gang problems to request additional federal resources such as funding, manpower, training and forensic support needed to combat gang activity.

Elements of the new Violence Against Children Act would include:

Source:  Wesley Hughes, Staff Writer for The San Bernardino Sun together with a Staff Report by reporters employeed
by the San Bernardino (CA) Sun newspaper.

We need to permanently end the violence in San Bernardino.  Click any of the links below for additional steps and solutions to permanently end San Bernardino, CA's violence.

San Bernardino, CA

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